[VIDEO] 4 Ways to Amp Up Skin Rejuvenation This Fall

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It has been a long, hot summer for pretty much everyonewith plenty of humidity and sun exposure to go around! Heading into fall, clients will be looking to rejuvenate their skin at the spa and at home. As we will learn from Rebecca Olpin, lead educator at Sorella Apothecary, common concerns this time of year involve repairing sun damage and hyperpigmentationand spas are perfectly equipped to set them up for success.

In this video, Olpin discusses the key skin issues that guests will want to address this fall and the top ingredients that spas can offer for glowing, healthy skin. She also talks about how spas can communicate and educate via their treatment menus, and recommends her core at-home products that will help clients maintain their facial results between visits. 

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