Multaler, Inc. / YonKa Paris


For Yon-Ka, each product must adapt to an essential criterion: gentle efficacy that restores the skin’s natural ability to preserve or regain its balance.

Efficacy tests are conducted by authorised independent Clinical Expertise laboratories overseen by an investigating doctor. They make it possible to objectify the claimed actions: firming power, anti-wrinkle power, hydrating or exfoliating properties, non-comedogenic status, etc. They are carried out on volunteers as well as cell cultures and human skin explants. These tests on explants make it possible, for example, to demonstrate the anti-glycation, anti-collagenase and anti-elastase action of a product designed to fight against signs of ageing.

The brand’s recent innovations are centered on the choice of patented active ingredients based on the latest scientific research to delay and reduce the appearance of skin ageing, protect the skin from environmental pollution, combat dark spots, etc.


From the development to the manufacturing, Laboratoires Multaler ensures total control of the production chain and offers professionals and consumers the guarantee of complete traceability.

The brand calls on the skills of an in-house team of expert scientists: doctors of pharmacy and biology, chemical engineers, biologists and bacteriologists…

Each ingredient that enters a Yon-Ka product complies with the strictest international regulations and is carefully selected and inspected: chromatography in a gaseous phase and a liquid phase, spectrophotometry in visible UV, bacteriological analysis, etc.

Production takes place in a cleanroom, i.e. in filtered air and according to GMP norms (Good Manufacturing Practices) - class ISO 22716.

The formulations do not include parabens. The essential oils within these formulations are predosed to ensure perfect safety of use and to prevent uncontrolled handling.