An In-Depth Q&A With RevealU Skincare

A deep dive into RevealU Skincare ingredients and products.


Why is water so important to RevealU Skincare?

Water is an important vehicle for transporting nutrients to the skin. It’s essential for adequate moisture and optimum cellular function. Tap water, which is usually fine for drinking, can be more alkaline or acidic than the skin’s pH level, resulting in breakouts, dryness and more irritation in issues like dermatitis and psoriasis.  Good, clean water is an important building block in every cell in the body, and that’s why RevealU’s “Magic Water” is the base of our Face & Body gel products.

Why is RevealU water so special?

Formulated with six powerful elements—platinum, gold, silver, copper, zinc and magnesium—RevealU’s water is the dream team of skin care, accelerating a natural ion exchange to help hydrate, protect and rejuvenate the skin without unnatural preservatives, fragrances or chemicals. It’s a blend of nature and science made with California spring water highly rich in earth elements. Through our propriety process, the water becomes a nanoparticle that can be absorbed through the skin and heightens the attributes of those six elements:

  • Platinum exhibits antioxidant activity, reducing inflammation and protecting the skin.
  • Gold delivers anti-inflammatory benefits, reducing skin irritation, slowing premature aging and brightening the complexion over time.
  • Silver promotes healthy skin, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps maintain connective tissue’s integrity.
  • Copper can increase the production of collagen and elastin to support skin’s strength and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin.
  • Zinc is found in all cells of our body and as a result our skin cells are particularly dependent on its powerful properties. It works as an antioxidant, clears clogged pores and rejuvenates skin by increasing the production of new cells.
  • Magnesium has the capacity to detoxify and cleanse the skin, and is especially effective for areas that are prone to allergic reactions. The mineral helps balance the complexion, reducing the production of sebum and thus reducing pore size.



What is so special about RevealU Face & Body Gold?

RevealU Skincare Face & Body Gold is an oil- and fragrance-free gel developed with our special Magic Water and infused with precious ions and additional ingredients:  TEOA and carbormer. That’s it—simple. These super energized nano-size particles penetrate to the dermis and tiniest areas within the skin, delivering rich elements that naturally smooth and soften the complexion.

RevealU products are fresh and innovative in the clean skincare industry—a brand that stands out on its own, located in San Clemente, California. RevealU’s motto is “Be you, naturally.” It drives the company to continue bringing nature- and science-based products to consumers who want to focus on cleaner and healthier alternatives to nourish and protect their skin and bodies.

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