Antedotum aims to provide powerful, plant-powered products that are both holistic and backed by science.

Products for today fast paced lifestyles - from high altitude to  the urban jungle with its own set of extreme conditions. Antedotum looks to local flora and fauna that has been used by the area’s indigenous people which is how we discovered the cell-preserving and renewing properties of Aspen Bark.

Used by the UTE Native Americans for everything from healing to sun protection, it showed a great deal of promise. Our experts combined it with the most powerful known form of Vitamin C, THD Ascorbate, as well as carrier oils to create what would become our Aspen Bark Complex.

Through rigorous and strict clinical testing it was revealed that Antodotum’s Aspen Bark Complex made skin visibly more resilient and healthier when exposed to skin irritants. Using this as a cornerstone, Antedotum developed a line of products to restore and beautify skin no matter what the circumstances.