Swell App Provides Wellness Music to Spa Businesses

Woman relaxing in salt cave with headphones on

Brian d’Souza, award-winning international DJ, has launched a sound wellness app called Swell.

The Swell app delivers dynamic, functional sound in spa, wellness and fitness spaces. Swell app users can set time-based dynamics and transitions to the listening experience by syncing energy-rated music selections or compositions to the physical or therapeutic journey.

Swell’s sound wellness offerings include:

Swell App interfaceFunctional sound: Tailored therapeutic sound techniques that help lower the heart rate, blood pressure and stress, while promoting positive biochemical responses that balance the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.

Conscious listening: Dedicated time for active listening promotes restorative deep relaxation and cognitive clarity.

Bespoke compositions: Field recordings, original compositions and sound therapies are tailored to enhance the spa treatment in both intensity and duration.

Flexible delivery: Swell designs, develops and supports its own platform and apps for easy-to-use, reliable programs that suit the therapist’s needs in terms of timing and flow.

Authentic process: Original biophilic sounds and traditional sound healing instrument recordings create truly immersive, total well-being experiences

Revenue driving: Unique sound treatments differentiate spa offerings, elevating them to premium, client-centered wellness journeys.

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