Using Technology to Streamline Spa Business

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Technology provides powerful tools that transform and improve business operations while enhancing the guest experience.

We all know that technology has entered every sphere of our life. The spa industry is no exception, and over the last few years, technological innovations have changed how spas engage with customers and sell products, especially as businesses refocus and find ways to rebound after the pandemic. Luckily, there’s no better time than now for spas to use cutting-edge solutions that engage new customers, bring back old ones, revive loyalty and strengthen their brand.

Technology provides powerful tools that transform and improve business operations while enhancing the guest experience. As beauty and wellness services become more advanced—from innovations in skin biology to touchless wellness treatments—spas are also undergoing high-tech changes. Integrating new technological solutions into current business models can give an edge to small and large businesses alike. It can also change the way you work, freeing you up to focus on the things you are most passionate about.

Apps and Software

Now that most consumers are accustomed to using smartphones for everything from making reservations to ordering groceries, spa-goers expect better online and mobile services. A few years ago, a beautiful website was enough, but customers today want to be able to book and manage spa appointments easily and quickly, ideally at the press of a button in the palm of their hand.

Spa software and easy-to-use apps can help spas manage the business and communicate with guests to keep them happy. Outdated or hard-to-navigate systems can lead to frustrated employees and annoyed clients, so better tech solutions can result in fewer cancellations, more return customers and a better spa experience overall. This, in turn, helps spas run better and grow, builds loyalty and maximizes income. Technology is revolutionizing how business owners and managers accomplish daily tasks and promote the brand.

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Michelle Ebbin is a renowned touch therapy expert and the author of four books on massage, including the award-winning The Touch Remedy: Hands-On Solutions to De-Stress Your Life. She appears regularly in the media, including on The Doctors, to discuss the benefits of touch therapy.

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