Tips & Tricks to Perfecting Yourself on Camera

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The way we approach a normal workday is no longer normal, going from one virtual meeting to another with limited face-to-face interactions. Although spa and wellness is a high-touch industry, it’s very likely that being on camera will continue beyond the pandemic, whether virtual consults remain in vogue, you’re passionate about educating clients or you simply want to up your spa’s social media game.

By now, everyone knows that gestures, facial expressions and tone—be it neutral, negative or positive—are all extremely enhanced on camera. What with lighting, audio, a background “set” and any number of technological difficulties, there are a lot of potential complications to worry about. But, there are some pluses too, like wearing pajama bottoms during filming and being able to lead a meditation class remotely.

Virtual communication is going to be the norm moving forward, even in spa and wellness; ensuring that you look, sound and feel your best will help ease any difficulties and streamline the process of creating the perfect video.

What to Wear

One of the most common questions about going on camera is, “Does it really add weight?” The answer is yes. If that’s a concern for you, I suggest wearing something that has shape without being tight. Avoid flowy tops, low-cut necklines and dresses that flare out and don’t have a waistline.

For more general inspiration, mimic the style of TV hosts. Bright, solid colors—blue, red, green, purple and pink—look great on camera. On the other hand, black and white near the face can be unflattering. If black or white is part of your spa branding, wear those colors on the bottom or consider adding a brightly colored blazer, scarf or necklace to offset it. Also, avoid tops with stripes, checks and patterns, as these can create a “dancing” effect.

Wear more makeup than usual, and keep powder and tissues handy to dab shiny spots. (Men can benefit from foundation and loose powder, too.) Hair should be styled naturally and in a way that you’re not tempted to mess with it.

All of this being said, it’s still important that you remain true to your brand. If you’re presenting a treatment demo, wear your esthetics attire or spa uniform. If you’re training staff via Zoom, feel free to dress more comfortably.

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Known for her communication skills and media relationships, Debra Locker has worked in public relations and journalism for nearly three decades. She is the president of Debra Locker Group, a boutique agency that specializes in lifestyle, spa, wellness and beauty. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Locker was the PR director for the International SPA Association (ISPA), as well as a TV journalist. She can be reached at [email protected] and

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