Spa Pros Share Their Favorite Antiaging Treatments

antiaging-skincare[Image: Getty Images]Spa professionals share the wrinkle-fighting treatments that keep clients coming back.

What’s your most popular antiaging service?

Jaana Roth, spa director of Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California: Our HydroPeptide Facial (50 min./$185; 80 min./$250) infuses the skin with peptides, growth factors and botanical stem cells. It’s customizable depending on the client’s specific needs, but each option contains nourishing minerals combined with antioxidants to promote skin renewal and overall brightness. We perform a thorough exfoliation with gentle microdermabrasion and a light chemical peel, and HydroPeptide’s collagen-stimulating Nimni Cream is applied during the treatment and recommended as a homecare product as well. One of the most frequent comments we hear from guests after experiencing this facial is how smooth their skin feels and how radiant it looks.

Karen Adjmi, cofounder of Earthsavers Spa and Store, with three locations in the New Orleans area: The DermAware True Beauty Peel (60 min./$125) is a trichloroacetic (TCA) hybrid peel and facial formulated to target aging skin and control hyperpigmentation. After the peel, a peptide- and stem cell-rich mask, serum, moisturizer and eye cream are applied. Because of the peel’s advanced strength, treatment results are immediately visible. Clients report that their skin feels firmer and plumper, with an improved texture and tone.

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Kris Fisk, owner and master esthetician at Kris’ Skincare Studio in Royal City, Washington: My top age management solution is the Danné Montague-King (DMK) Aesthetic Lift (A-Lift) program (90-120 min./$220) performed once a week for 12 weeks. The star of this facial is the enzyme masque, which stimulates cell activity and promotes muscle regeneration. It sits on the skin for 45 minutes and while it hardens, clients feel their facial muscles pulsate as oxygenated blood comes to the surface and impurities are flushed out. It’s extremely rewarding to see such incredible results with this facial series and to be able to provide a real ‘workout’ for clients’ skin. They notice healthier, tighter and more evenly toned skin with fewer noticeable fine lines and wrinkles.

Antiaging Products

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How do you market these services to clients under 40 years old?

Adjmi: For those guests, prevention—and education—is key. We recommend a focused at-home regimen that includes proactive and preventive products with retinol, physical SPF and vitamin C, plus a targeted treatment product like the DermAware True Beauty Serum for maintaining healthy, youthful skin.
Fisk: I use social media—specifically Instagram and Facebook, where most clients under 40 are very active—to market age management treatments. Showing before and after pictures (with clients’ permission) allows results to speak for themselves; it keeps both returning and prospective guests engaged and excited.

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Roth: Effective antiaging marketing typically begins with clients who are already at the spa. Once they’re in the treatment room, our skin therapists educate
them on treatment options and add-ons appropriate for their individual needs, and can begin the conversation about homecare solutions in addition to regular spa services. This new generation is more educated about their skin than ever, and becoming their skincare advocate early on helps to dispel skin myths and start them on a healthy path. The fact that our facials are customizable allows us to create a personal and intimate experience where trust and relationships can be built.

What lifestyle advice do you recommend to clients who want younger-looking skin?

Roth: Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! One of the skin’s biggest enemies is the sun, as it can cause premature aging, pigmentation, age spots and skin cancer. It’s important to educate clients of all ages—even children—to apply sunscreen daily. If you can help someone understand the dangers of UV exposure and encourage a daily sun protection routine, half the aging battle has already been conquered.

Adjmi: We believe in beauty from the inside out. To address problems such as hyperpigmentation, acne, aging or sensitive skin, it’s important to focus on both internal and external health. We offer clients complimentary handouts with detailed plans for combatting these skin issues using a combination of supplements
and products. Our staff members also help clients practice mindfulness, and encourage the use of therapeutic essential oils to naturally reduce stress, promote sleep and boost energy levels. This approach teaches clients that beautiful skin is the result of many choices—and that a wellness-focused lifestyle pays off.

–by Alisha Racker

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