How Exceptional Customer Service Can Boost Your Marketing

Versum Spa SystemsVersum Spa SystemsCaring for your customers and their needs is fundamental for effective marketing campaigns. Their satisfaction with your business and services builds your spa’s reputation. Satisfied customers like to show-off the latest treatment they’ve had at their favorite spa, which is why knowing customer needs and offering high quality services shouldn’t be neglected. And your communication effectiveness with customers is the key to success. Thanks to this, positive, long-lasting relations with your customers come naturally. The secret recipe for success is:

  • asking your customers questions
  • listening to their needs
  • recording all information into the system.

How to build lasting relations with clients?

Excellent support

When a returning customer visits his or her favorite specialist, they choose that person because they are trusted. Earning your customer’s trust – by providing excellent services – is the key for making one-time clients become satisfied, returning customers. And don’t let customers down! Before each visit, make sure you are fully prepared with the help from modern tools, such as an electronic customer record. You’ll be able to jot down vital information on your customers, such as allergies, add before and after pictures and look up their most recent treatments and products purchased at your spa. Sometimes, it’s the small things that count – like knowing the right amount of sugar to add to your customer’s coffee. Customer records give you quick access to treatment history, allowing you to check your service popularity and your team’s effectiveness.

Communicate regularly

Regular communication is the foundation for lasting relations between spas and their customers. When staying in touch with your customers, you let them know that you care for them and their needs while reminding them of your presence. More often than not, we are overrun with daily tasks, which make it difficult to tend to these duties. However, there is a solution to this. A professional salon management program has the tools you need to improve the ways you communicate with customers, fulfilling most of these tedious tasks automatically for you. Automatic appointment reminders are sent straight from the system via text message, directly to customers, reminding them of their scheduled appointments. No need to call customers to confirm their appointments. Do you have a new product or service you’d like to promote? Send a bulk text or email straight from your system to all, or a selected group of customers, and run an effective marketing campaign. Make it even more simple – activate the marketing automation tool – and keep customers coming back, automatically.

Loyalty program – reward your customers

Walk-in customers are a dime a dozen. Regulars are the gold standard and it’s thanks to them that your business prospers! The obvious question is – how do I get more? The solution – a professional loyalty program that keeps customers returning, helps spread the news about your excellent service quality and rewards customers for referring friends and family. A loyalty program, available only in professional salon management systems, is the perfect entertaining and timesaving way to reward customers. Award them points for purchased services, products and referrals, which they can use to get awesome prizes at your spa. Best of all, no more booklets or stamps to record loyalty points. Everything is stored in your salon software.

Go professional!

Stand out from the crowd! Your customers have many options to choose from when it comes to deciding on which spa to go to. Staying ahead of the game is essential, and with a system like Versum, you’re in the clear. Thanks to Versum, your spa is equipped with many practical features, ensuring your customers top-notch support and giving you the power to run effective marketing campaigns. With it, your most tedious tasks are taken care of, saving you and your team time and unnecessary stress.

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