The Key to Managing a Successful Spa with Expert Jim Croghan

The Key to A Successful Luxury Spa with Expert Jim Croghan
Considering the challenges in finding and retaining qualified spa directors and managers, it’s crucial to invest in spa specific operations training support.

Millions of dollars each year are spent on launching the finest spas the world has to offer. Yet, time and again, these spas with world-class amenities and fantastic technicians begin to struggle shortly post-launch. There are several reasons why these properties start to under-perform so quickly, but the number one reason that we’ve seen over our 25 plus years in the business is a lack of standards training from seasoned professionals.

The spa industry is built on wellness, compassion, beauty, and relationships – and successful leaders in the industry have a passion for all these things. Passion alone is not enough for success in this business. However, successful operators excel because of training.

A successful spa operator requires a wide array of both hard and soft skills, which include an understanding of financial imperatives, marketing/sales savvy, teambuilding and leadership abilities, high customer service standards, and a positive, upbeat attitude. They may also need to handle facility management, security, purchasing, vendor relations and even janitorial duties.

Considering the challenges in finding and retaining qualified spa directors and managers, it’s crucial to invest in spa specific operations training support and business solutions.

As operators, we must always evaluate the people, product and process to assess where future progress and improvements could be made to ensure your spa maintains its meticulous standards. These standards will help unite your spa team, creating and developing tangible, personal succession plans with them, which ultimately engender a true sense of loyalty and belonging to your team and brand.

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Creating a strong company culture ultimately improves employee engagement, increases productivity, promotes brand loyalty and enhances financial performance.

In the past decade, the spa market has grown exponentially, due to burgeoning consumer demand, and simultaneously the spa guest experience and business model has become highly sophisticated. These current upward-moving trends call for expert guidance and advice on successfully managing spa operations, maximizing profits and planning new spa development.

Where else can training be beneficial in order to increase productivity and drive bottom-line profit right now?

  1. Focus on creating a personal connection with customers: As a spa or wellness owner, it’s important to create a personal connection with your customers. Make sure to get to know their names, preferences and personal needs. This can help create a more personal experience and build a stronger relationship with customers.
  2. Develop an online presence: Having an online presence is a great way to increase awareness about your spa or wellness business. You can use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to create content, advertise special offers and promote your services.
  3. Utilize email marketing: E-mail marketing is an effective way to reach potential customers and keep in touch with existing ones. It can help you stay top of mind and reach customers who may not be aware of your services.
  4. Offer loyalty programs: Loyalty programs are a great way to reward customers for their loyalty and encourage them to return for future visits. Consider offering discounts and other incentives to customers who make frequent visits.
  5. Invest in quality products and services: Investing in quality products and services is essential for creating a great customer experience. Make sure to use high-quality products and provide services that make customers feel pampered and special.

Jim Croghan is the CEO & Founder of Identity Hospitality. His hospitality management and spa career spans 25 years. He has a proven success record of resort and spa openings as a spa consultant and trainer, former Spa Director, vendor, writer and conference speaker. Jim is a recognized and sought after speaker at hospitality events, including: University of California, Irvine - Spa & Hospitality Program, Global Spa & Wellness Mentorship Program and International Spa Association (ISPA) contributing best industry practices and tools for the spa industry. Jim is also one of I-Connection Founders, which provides event hosting, philanthropic efforts and continued support to the Spa and Wellness industry. 

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