[Diversity & Inclusion] Hiring Practices, Customer Service and More DEI Tips for Spas

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We asked if inclusive practices are vital to a spa's success, and 77% of you said yes! Check out this primer on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), which covers everything from hiring practices to spa design and much more.

4 Tips for Creating a More Inclusive and Diverse Spa: Learn and understand what the terms “diversity” and “inclusion” mean, then find four tips for weaving both concepts into your spa’s brand DNA.

Practice Inclusivity by Leading with Empathy: Find out what DEI means from a practical standpoint, and how spa leaders can land this concept in their organizations. (Hint: The guiding principle is empathy.)

3 Ways to Make Men’s Wellness More Inclusive: Today, more men are empowered to enjoy spa experiences and take care of their health more holistically—and spas can break down barriers to create inclusive experiences for people of all genders. 

The 5 Principles of Inclusive Spa Design: This guide will help you create a spa that’s truly fit for everyone to use and enjoy.

5 Ways to Support Staff Through DEI Principles: It's important to authentically “live DEI” so that it naturally shows itself through your spa brand. Here's how spas can build and support their teams by authentically integrating DEI principles.

How to Make Your Spa More 2SLGBTQ2+ Inclusive: From gender-neutral services to mental wellness support, here are some ways that spas can become more inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community.

The Basics of Trauma-Informed Bodywork: Taking a trauma-informed approach to massage therapy and other body treatments is about understanding, recognizing and responding to signs of trauma without re-traumatization.

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