[Inclusivity] Effective Communication Lets Larger Guests Know They're Safe in Your Spa [Part 2 of 2]

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Note from the author: This is a highly sensitive topic, and I can understand why seeing the word "fat" seems offensive. In the article, you'll see that the term is stripped of all pejorative meanings and was used in line with fat activists' quotes and self-identification. There is a whole population of people out there who reclaim that term and don't attach negative meaning to it. The intent of this piece is to discuss a whole segment of people who have been largely ignored by the hospitality industry."

Diversity, equity and inclusion are ongoing considerations for spa and wellness facilities, and fat guests are an important population that is often overlooked in this regard. Spas must think about these spa-goers' needs with empathy, and be sure that they're sending a message that says, "This is a safe place for you."

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