3 Tips to Leveraging PR in Marketing

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Day spas, clubs, hotels and resorts, destinations and wellness centers have plenty of ongoing opportunities for growth. One way to get the ball rolling is by leveraging your partnerships and identifying potential new ones to drive increased ROI and guest satisfaction.

By now, it’s clear that more people are comfortable with travel and spending discretionary dollars on wellness vacations, spa visits and stays, holistic self-care practices and aesthetic treatments. While international tourism may still be lagging, spas can still focus on capturing and charming domestic wellness tourism guests and local prospects-and welcome returning guests as they venture back to recapture the feeling of a prior visit or stay.

Different PR and marketing partnerships to consider include affiliate, content, co-branding, loyalty and social media influencers. Whatever types your business utilizes, it’s time to refresh and renew your strategic alignments to capitalize on the ongoing recovery of travel and hospitality and increasing consumer optimism. So, let’s dive in!

Have Some Agency

Leveraging your marketing and PR partners begins by treating them as part of your team rather than just vendors. In a true give-and-take fashion, the best and most rewarding agency and PR partnerships happen when you empower everyone. Keep things realistic and honest, be receptive and responsive, and hold everyone equally accountable for their portions. Then, you’ve set the stage for the magic to happen.

Let your marketing and PR team do what they do best! They’ll dig in and find exciting new ways to attract and capture clients and revenue across channels, all while keeping your brand voice and messaging consistent.

If you’re marketing around a season or special event, lean on your PR and agency partnerships to provide the essential components. Work with them for the strategy and campaign portions, and identify appropriate cross-marketing with complementary businesses or influencers. Focus on delivering the best 360-degree event or guest experience possible.

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Alexis Krisay, cofounder and president of marketing at Serendipit Consulting, has 15 years of experience in the fast-paced, ever-changing field of marketing. Known for her out-of-the-box thinking and fresh ideas, she has helped dozens of clients in the spa and wellness, health, fitness and lifestyle industries effectively identify market opportunities and pair them with strategic and impactful, results-driven marketing solutions.

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