Spa Memberships Can Boost Revenue and Retention

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When doing business, spas truly need to consider how to cultivate relationships, identify and provide offerings that benefit customers’ wellness aspirations. It’s also smart business to model membership plans after those needs.

Memberships or clubs provide that feeling of belonging and stickiness we all yearn for. The concept of clubs or “gentlemen’s clubs” can be traced back to ancient Greece when scholars like Socrates and Aristotle congregated in Turkish baths to discuss topics from diplomacy to democracy.

Today in the US, we have Girl Scouts for kids, sororities for college students, and wine and golf clubs for adults. Clubs tie into identities and offer a certain implied honor and exclusivity. Some are invite-only, while others have paid memberships.

Spas looking to create a membership program that inspires these same feelings must consider everything from staff relationships to their overall business model. There are a number of important factors to consider when designing a successful club or membership.

Start With Staff

There is no better way to migrate a new client into a return client than for them to have a transformational experience with your staff. Relationship management is the No. 1 reason people return to visit a spa and affectionately refer to “my” massage therapist or “my” acupuncturist. Successful membership plans start with experience, and spa staff will be the representation of that experience.

Reinforce listening and learning, that is, encourage staff to listen to client needs and act accordingly. Ensure each guest is hydrated, not hungry and ready for their session. If possible, encourage digital disconnection to further encourage an immersive experience. This allows the therapist to establish an interest in the spa guest, prepare for a next visit and offer feedback. Practitioners should take notes on their guests after the session to remember any comments that might help develop the relationship further in the future.

Checkout should be boilerplate, in which any spa worker conducting the billing is able to pitch the membership plan. Have a hard copy or a scannable QR code ready, so the customer can instantly learn more details about the plan. Do not overcomplicate the benefits, but make sure you have options for all treatments that a client may have signed up for. If they just had a massage, for instance, ensure the recurring plan includes this service to encourage sign-up.

Staff must maintain a no-pressure attitude and focus on simply delivering plan information. It’s important to highlight informational points that might pique interest. Lead with self-care, wellness and savings.

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Jacky Dubail manages the marketing department at Spafinder Gift Cards, for those who want to gift spa to thousands of destination, hotel and day spas. She is a 200 RYT, holistic nutrition coach, Tabata trainer and overall adventure enthusiast. Dubail’s motto is, “Eat healthy, lift weights daily and be grateful. Every moment is a gift.”

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