Ingestibles Trending Among Younger Spa-Goers

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ingestibles like supplements and nutraceuticals are consistently advancing in the spa and wellness industries.

Whole body health starts from the inside out, which is why ingestibles such as supplements and nutraceuticals have been consistently advancing in spa and wellness. Here, industry experts share their insights on the popularity of ingestibles as part of a holistic spa experience. 

Continue reading our Digital Magazine for insights from industry experts on what is trending with ingestibles, including...

  1. The recent resurgence of ingestibles - from Terrie Absher, licensed medical aesthetician and founder of Total Glow
  2. Ingestible collagen - from Adylia-Rhenee Gutierrez, certified nutritionist, vegan chef and creator of Yhorlife Online Wellness and Fashion Platform
  3. Gen Z's interest in gummy vitamins - from Amanda Hess, director of product marketing and innovation at HUM Nutrition
  4. The popularity of flavored tinctures - from Sean McDonald, COO of CBD Living
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