Spa Experts Share Tips on Attracting and Retaining Waxing Clients

leg-waxing[Image: Getty Images]When it comes to hair removal in a spa or salon, there’ s virtually no margin for error. You’re trusted with clients’ appearances and their most private and sensitive areas. Even the smallest lapse in precision or pain management can result in a serious upset that could easily spell disaster for your referral-dependent business.

Of all spa professionals, those who provide waxing services arguably need to be most vigilant about thin or hypersensitive skin, rosacea, acne and (ahem) smoothing potentially awkward or embarrassing situations. For advice with these scenarios, we asked some of the industry’s most seasoned waxing pros to share their most popular and reliable hair-removal protocols, plus tips on how to ensure consistently satisfied clients and flawless outcomes.

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Raymond’s Hair Design & Spa Glenview, IL The Brazilian Wax (30 min./$75 female, $125 male) – “I provide a comfortable and relaxing experience by using only Satin Smooth wax, which incorporates emollient vitamins A, D and E and also protects sensitive skin,” says lead technician Lonia Leone Campagna. “I always wear gloves, never double-dip, and have clients lie on a dedicated waxing bed to ensure the best positioning. I also finish with the brand’s soothing Collagen Mask.”

Natural Alternatives Salon & Spa Knoxville, TN Brazini Wax (30-45 min./$65) – “I always prep the skin with an antiseptic to remove any oils or excess residue. This ensures our Nufree wax is able to adhere to every hair for optimal removal, requiring little to no tweezer follow-up,” says technician Emily Drewery. “I play relaxing music and keep my clients talking,” adds technician Samantha Crippen. “Following hair removal, Nufree Finipil helps soothe the skin and close the pores, preventing ingrown hairs. We instruct clients to apply it at home a few times a week or, depending on sensitivity, every day.”

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waxon-waxbar[Image: Courtesy of WAXON WAXBAR]WAXON WAXBAR Toronto The Braziliant (30-45 min./$43) – “Let’s face the facts: Waxing isn’t something clients look forward to,” says owner Lexi Miles. “So, we aim to change the stereotype of the dreaded waxing experience— when clients walk in, we want them to notice our trendy vibe, upbeat pace and feel welcomed by our experienced team. Ultimately, they should leave feeling like it was the quickest, most convenient and affordable wax they’ve ever had. We further set ourselves apart by using LycoJet Wax, which is specially formulated for below-the belt services because it contains ingredients designed to reduce redness and discomfort, and works to pick up hair as short as 1 mm.”

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The Skincare Girl Sparks, NV Th e Eyebrow Experience (30 min./$45) – “I started offering this service seven years ago during the recession, when clients were cutting back on costs. I saw some businesses minimize flourishes and thought, ‘If the only service a client could afford was an eyebrow wax, why not make it as spa-like as possible?’ So, I added a complimentary piece of chocolate, and placed hot stones under their shoulders to soothe and relax them. In conjunction with Berodin Luxury Wax—which leaves no redness and doesn’t have to be heated to a high temperature—the service took off , and so did my business. I was able to upsell happy clients by saying, ‘If you think this is something, I’d love to give you a facial treatment,’ and I’ve since seen a 75 percent increase in business. Life is in the details, and in appealing to all the senses.”

vcfacebeauty[Image: Courtesy of VCBeauty]VCFaceBeauty Los Angeles Brow Plan (15-30 min./ $65 for first of three treatments; $45-$50 for follow-ups) – “We’re known for customizing our clients’ eyebrows to suit their face shape,” says owner Vanessa Ceballos. “We offer a consultation before starting the shaping process so that each client receives individualized care. Then we put them on a Brow Plan, which includes instructions on which brow areas need to grow, and which will be shaped in the future. The first three sessions are crucial to ensure results—our clients are under strict orders not to touch their eyebrows between services! Before starting, we offer mini-brow massages, the choice of soft or hard GiGi wax, and the option to just tweeze. We also teach clients how to fill in and highlight their brows so they can maintain the VCFaceBeauty aesthetic.”

Hairy Cactus Spa and Waxing Studio Boone, IA Cirepil Bikini Wax (15-30 min./from $28) – “I’ve been an industry waxing coach for 15 years and prefer not to off er discounts, so I focus on rebooking,” says owner Tina Sharp. “I promote the fact that my appointments are quick and efficient, and although I don’t claim that waxing is painless, I explain that my services are less uncomfortable and longer lasting because of the Cirepil wax I use. Also, I’ve been told I’m overly thorough—I check and double check that no hairs are left—but I actually don’t think that’s possible!”

– by Katie O’Reilly




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