5 Questions With Pauline Youngblood

Pauline Youngblood fielded questions about the new fall line. (Photo courtesy Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.)Pauline Youngblood fielded questions about the new fall line. (Photo courtesy Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.)Q&A with the founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

What sets Youngblood apart from the other mineral makeup companies on the market?

Youngblood is lucky in that we were one of the first mineral lines out there, so we’re truly branded now and are clearly not going anywhere. Everyone has since jumped on the mineral bandwagon, and I personally wouldn’t want to be starting out right now. That said, I think the quality of our makeup and ingredients differentiate us. And it’s not always easy, as prices on raw materials have gone up. I’ve had opportunities to scrimp on quality and switch to lower grades on ingredients, but it’s just not worth it to me.

From where do you draw inspiration when developing new products and collections?

I follow trends very closely and jump on them quickly. I also take client feedback and requests into consideration, as well as my own needs. That was the case with our gel liners. I really liked the look of a liner from a big– name brand, but found that it irritated my eyes and made them tear. I consulted with my team, and we came up with a formula that was gentle on your eyes, but delivered great pigmented color. I always try to include aspects of my life in my work in some way—on occasion, I’ve even recruited my daughters to name my products! My youngest child named one of our popular blushes: Blossom.

What beauty product could you never live without?

There are a couple things I’m religious about incorporating into my daily regimen. I apply sunblock everyday, as well as my mineral foundation. I have a lot of redness in my skin, and nothing makes me look and feel prettier.

Have any of your daughters expressed interest in one day taking over the family business?

There have been some conversations about them one day joining the business—but they’re going to college first! One of the most important life lessons is learning how to stand on your own two feet.

What’s on your iPod playlist right now?

I actually listen to Pandora more frequently than I do my iPod. My daily music preferences run the gamut, and totally depend on what kind of mood I’m in. Typically in the morning, I go for more classical and mellow music, such as Andrea Bocelli. As the day progresses, I’ll pump it up with some more upbeat tunes. I’m also a fan of Justin Bieber, thanks to my kids. We listen to him every day!


It’s hard to imagine the fearless leader of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics as having been anyone but that self proclaimed “girls’ girl”, nor destined for anything but a career as a makeup maven. However, as a young girl growing up in suburban Los Angeles, Pauline Youngblood’s dreams centered around understanding human behavior, not beauty. “I wanted to be a psychologist,” explains Youngblood. “I’ve always loved helping people.”

Youngblood’s interests shifted when she developed acneic skin as a teen. “I was really affected by it, and had to learn how to treat it properly,” she recalls. “Once I was able to help myself out, I wanted to pass on that knowledge and in turn, help others.” As a medical esthetician, Youngblood worked with clients dealing with a variety of skin issues including acne, rosacea, and recovery from cosmetic surgery and laser treatment. She discovered a common dilemma binding those with sensitive complexions.

“Some of these conditions took up to six months to heal, and there simply wasn’t a suitable makeup option at the time that could cover raw skin without irritating it,” she explains. A friend referred Youngblood to mineral cosmetics as a possible solution. But, in researching available options, she discovered a dearth of quality products.

“I loved the concept of mineral makeup, but the colors just seemed too pink or too orange, and did not translate well on the skin,” she says. So, Youngblood partnered with a chemist to develop her own loose foundation, which provided natural coverage without clogging the skin. The rest is history. Fifteen years later, Youngblood’s lineup has grown from its original five products to include more than 300 SKUs ranging from foundations and blushes to eye shadows and lipsticks.

Despite the industry’s ever-evolving trends and the numerous mineral brands that have since arrived on the scene, this single mother of three daughters remains consistent in her approach to skin care and makeup, with quality reigning supreme for each new formulation.

“We’ve been able to reach so many people over the years,” Youngblood reflects, adding, “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

—Angela Melero

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