2021 Holistic Acne Conference

Apr 11th, 2021
Apr 12th, 2021

The Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners (AHSCP) Holistic Acne Online Conference will be held virtually via ZOOM. The AHSCP team and their international faculty of educators will present on physiology, identification, treatment, management and protocols for acne.

Class highlights will include:

  • Clinical Holistic Acne Protocols
  • Holistic Makeup for Acne Prone Complexions
  • Ingredients For Acne Prone Complexion
  • Understanding Hormonal Imbalance
  • Different Causes of Acne
  • Nutritional Support for Acne
  • Balancing Skins’ Microbiome Naturally
  • Acne Causing Substances
  • Energy Balancing
  • Covid Truths and Myths
  • Acne Healing Herbs
  • Chromotherapy For Acne
  • Neurofeedback Treatments For Acne
  • Skin Detoxifying Techniques

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