Morgan Taylor Offers Spa Reopening and Reconnecting Tips

Gustavo Fring from PexelsSpas and salons across the country are reopening, but business is not as usual. New guidelines have been established and precautions must be taken. Here, Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel, the innovative team behind Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer, talk about how to prep for getting back to work.

K.I.T. (Keep in Touch)

Technology has never taken a bigger role in business than it has today, and it allows you to stay connected with your clients during this extended time apart. Post your reopen date and new guidelines on your social media pages, send them in an email blast, or even call or text your clients. Don’t feel strange about reaching out; they would love to hear from you! It’s been a long time and they miss you just as much as you’ve missed them. Get creative by doing a countdown post as you get ready to reopen to garner some real excitement. Or take the introduction process a step further: Demonstrate what the atmosphere will be like when clients return by going live on social media, or record and post a video of the experience.

Proper Prep

Before opening up to the public, make sure you educate your staff on the new requirements for operating. The more they know, the more conformable they will feel—and, in turn, the more comfortable your clients will feel. It’s also important that you have all of the right products on hand to reopen. You’ll need face coverings for staff, as well as have extras on hand for customers who don’t bring their own. Ensure staff is protected with gloves, masks and shield protectors. Clean each station after every client, and continue to sanitize and disinfect all metal implements between uses. Remove and dispose of high-touch lobby amenities like beverages and magazines. Instead, look for items that can be easily cleaned, like tablets/iPads. And don’t forget the hand sanitizer. Keep a bottle at the reception desk, in the retail area and at each station. As people are using hand sanitizers more frequently now, it’s important to research the right one for you and your clients. CurX contains FDA-approved benzalkonium chloride, rather than alcohol, in its hand sanitizer. As a result, it doesn’t burn on open wounds or dry out the skin, it’s not hazardous and it kills 99 percent of germs.

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Minding Dollars & Sense

Times are tough for every business, and we have to relook at the way we operate in all areas. Unfortunately, many of these precautions, including smaller numbers of bookings allowable at one time, can affect your bottom line. But there are small acts that can make a big difference to everyday costs. For instance, ask clients to book online and hold a deposit for appointments. This will help ensure a client’s commitment, and if she isn’t able to commit, the spa hasn’t completely lost out. You can also retail healthcare products like hand sanitizer, as well as offer homecare solutions in the event clients aren’t visiting as often.

[[Photo: Gustavo Fring from Pexels]]

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