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We untangle what growing “organic” ingredients really means— and precisely how skincare companies can use the term.

Image courtesy of Deer Lake Lodge and ResortImage courtesy of Deer Lake Lodge and Resort

Image courtesy of Deer Lake Lodge and Resort

Over the last several years, the term “organic” has developed into quite a buzzword. Whether it’s referencing produce on grocery store shelves or skin care at your spa, there’s no question that the mere mention of the word organic triggers consumers to think “better.” But a myriad of questions surround what exactly the term organic means, and what spa owners need to know if being green is important to their business.

Precisely how are organic ingredients grown? How do skincare companies source ingredients and guarantee that they’re organic? What are the differences between products labeled “all-natural,” “organically sourced” or “contains organic ingredients”? What can technically be deemed organic, and who gets to determine which products deserve this heavyweight moniker? For all the answers, and for help in understanding the true meaning behind an organic label, read the full story in our April DAYSPA Digital Edition!

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