Firm Favorites: After the Program

Wellness spas across the country have devised plans to build longstanding, post-program relationships with their guests.

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As you learned in our two-part series Firm Favorites, yo-yo diets are out. These days, it’s all about partnering with clients to effect sustainable, lasting weight-loss—which can translate to loyal,long-term relationships.

It’s why guests at Red Mountain Resort, in Ivans, Utah, go home with a heart monitor, included in the resort’s Weight Loss & Living Well Retreat package. “We show them how to use it to stay in their ideal heart-rate zones,” says Marci Howard, director of spa and wellness, who also sends guests home with an MP3 version of a guided weight-loss hypnotherapy session, and makes a two-week-out phone call to see how they’re faring. “We offer to send new workout plans, and sell follow-up Skype sessions to discuss nutrition too,” Howard adds. “The take-home component is perhaps the mot important part of the program.”

At Miami-based Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa, departing guests are invited to join two different programs—Pritikin on Track and Positively Pritikin, the former offering remote nutritional consultations and the latter offering remote behavioral consultations. Another weight-loss booster: frozen meals, sold in Pritikin’s online shop.

La Belle Vous Salon & Wellness Spa in San Jose, California, tailors its retail offerings toward helping clients extend their detox program results. Examples include M’lis Maintain Lotion and BUFF scrub, both of which purport to help enhance lymphatic movement. “After the program, most clients commit to a maintenance program of packaged vitamins, as well as other daily essentials and supplements,” co-owner Cindy Tapia says. “Once they start seeing results, it’s easy to keep them as clients,” she adds.

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