Do Wellness Wearables Work? We Tried Out a Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

philip_stein_bracelets[Image: Philip Stein Horizon Bracelet (left) and Classic Sleep Bracelet (right)]Like millions of people around the world, I’ve suffered bouts of poor-quality sleep over the past few years. I never seem to have trouble drifting off, but when I wake in the morning I’m as perky as a zombie on tranquilizers. Never mind 40 winks—I’d be happy with one!

Yet when I was sent a Slimline Sleep Bracelet from luxury timepiece brand Philip Stein a couple of months ago, I resisted trying it. Why? Because I’m a skeptic, and I didn’t believe it could do what it said it could do: Namely, act as a “tuned antenna to harness natural frequencies circling the earth, and channel them to your body to offer better sleep, less tension, improved concentration and enhanced well-being.” Even the knowledge that a panel of scientists and energy experts were behind the technology couldn’t sway me.

In any case, doesn’t everyone know that the only ways to secure eight solid hours of shut-eye is to stop drinking caffeine after noon, refrain from using Facebook or watching TV after 9 p.m. and partake of a warm, soothing, lavender-infused bath in the evening? Perhaps, but I’d tried all of them and nothing seemed to work.

One night, however, in desperation following a recent recurrence of low-quality zzzzzzs, I gave it a shot. Per the instructions, 20 minutes before I wanted to go to bed I donned the sleek sleepwear—a cute blue strap with rose gold panel that looks exactly like a watch sans the numbers.

Eight hours later, I awoke having had my best night’s sleep in ages. I felt rested, rather than whacked over the head with a baseball bat (it’s amazing how that had become the norm). Convinced it was just a fluke, I gave it another ago. And another, and another. That was six weeks ago. I’ve not had a single bad night’s sleep since. One time I almost forgot to wear the bracelet, and was curious to see how I would sleep that night. But I just couldn’t face the thought of going back to my former lifeless self, so I retrieved it and strapped it on.

Aside from improved sleep, did I feel the benefits mentioned above? I can’t say for sure—I haven’t noticed a significant uptick in energy levels, but I am feeling less stressed about day-to-day stuff these days.

I still don’t know why or how this cute wellness wearable works—maybe it’s the placebo effect or maybe the discreet disc really does tune my body into the earth’s frequencies. But I do know that I’m not willing to risk a single night without it on my wrist!—Lesley McCave




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