5 Reasons Your Spa Should Host a Yoga Retreat

Attract wellness-minded visitors from around the globe to your spa by hosting a yoga retreat.

5 Reasons Your Spa Should Host a Yoga Retreat
Hosting a yoga retreat can help you bring new business and uplifting energy to your spa. Attract visitors from around the world with a full immersion experience that will have guests talking about your destination for years. If you have the space, here are five reasons you should host a yoga retreat:

1. Your guests will learn there’s a lot more to yoga than Vinyasa Flow.

The terms “vinyasa” and “flow” have become how many define yoga, but there is so much more to it than that. Some styles of yoga focus on different breathing techniques (called “pranayama”) or focus on alignment (such as Iyengar), or concentrate on quieting the mind (such as yin or restorative). Just as there are different types of yoga classes, there are various types of yoga retreats, so think outside the sweaty-flow-yoga box.

A retreat is the perfect opportunity to fully immerse guests in yoga while providing the opportunity for them to learn more about the roots of this ancient practice. They will wake up early and begin mornings saluting the sun in a fun and uplifting group class! Then they will dive deeper into their own inner happiness with a teacher there to support them every breath of the way. Your guests will learn cool mantras, meditations and advanced yoga poses they can share with friends back home on Instagram. This will help your spa gain more visibility on social media! Help your visitors get in shape both physically and mentally while creating healthier habits off and on the mat.

2. Bring Together Wellness-Minded People

We’re all looking for a real connection, right? Well, a yoga retreat just might be the perfect place for your guests to meet a soul-mate. Spending time with like-minded people who share a common interest, in an intimate and open environment, is the perfect opportunity for guests to really let their guards down and be themselves! Yoga in Sanskrit means union. A yoga retreat is the perfect place to put daily life distractions aside and simply enjoy all the enticing activities and sexy atmosphere your spa has to offer.

3. Book More Services.

Even the simple stresses of daily life take a toll on us over time. Not only will your guests digitally detox, (which we all need to do more often) but they’ll also be able to reflect on their current state of affairs.

As the body detoxes from the physical practice of yoga on the retreat, the mind will also begin to detox the unnecessary stress, to-do lists, and worries your visitors carry around on a daily basis. This is the perfect time for them to book one of your signature services such as a relaxing massage or rejuvenating facial. You can offer spa service package specials to complement the activities of the yoga retreat.

4. Attract New Guests from Around the Globe.

Your spa will gain an international following that attracts visitors back year-after year. Earn new fans from all over the world who will talk about their life-changing spa experience to all of their friends. You will connect new friends as they join you for this exciting adventure. Guests will be eager to enjoy all of the facilities your spa has to offer.

Perfect strangers will learn what it’s like to trust each other and will see how sincerely wonderful people can be when out of their usual routine, away from their laptops and cell phones.

5. Help Visitors Find Purpose.

A yoga retreat will rock your guests’ worlds and shift their perspectives in ways you can’t even imagine yet. Re-inspire visitors to follow through with goals or aspirations they put on hold because they were too busy being busy. You’ll be shocked and amazed at how much more clarity your guest will gain about what truly makes them happy once they step outside their comfort zone and simply let go.

As the body shifts so does the mind. Your spa will help visitors open their hearts and allow all the seeds of intention to bring about new possibilities!

Emilie Perz

Emilie Perz, certified with Yoga Alliance, offers classes in vigorous Vinyasa Flow with a strong focus on intention, aligment, Svadhyaya (self study), and laughter. Join Emilie on a yoga retreat and adventure to mystic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Spend seven nights at Xinalani resort (which means seeds in prehispanic language) connecting to the roots of your yoga practice and unwind in a tranquil setting set on the shores of the tropical Bandera´s Bay. This unique retreat is about connecting to nature, getting grounded and planting the new seeds of intention for the upcoming year. Learn more about Emilie here and follow her on Instagram.

[Image courtesy of Emilie Perz]

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